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🚗Baseus Digital Smart Tire Air Pump

🚗Baseus Digital Smart Tire Air Pump

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🏎️Drive Safely with Proper Tire Pressure!

👨‍💻The Digital Air Pump is your go-to solution for effortless and efficient inflation of various items. With its precise pressure sensor, this digital pump allows you to inflate items to the exact pressure required. Ensure quick and accurate inflation with the Digital Air Pump.

Preset Tire Pressure & Auto Stop: The Digital Tire Inflator boasts a large LCD digital display screen featuring four pressure measurement units (PSI/KPA/BAR/KG/CM). Choose from modes like 🚗Cars/🏍️Motorcycles/🚲Bicycles/⚽Balls. The real-time accurate tire pressure is displayed, and the auto shut-off function prevents over-inflation, providing a worry-free experience.

🎒Subversive Design, Palm Control: Experience the convenience of a compact and powerful tire inflator. With dimensions of only 1.9", this handheld air tire compressor requires no plug-in. It can be used anywhere, anytime after a full charge and easily fits into your backpack or pocket.

⏱️Completed Inflation within 1 Min: Address tire pressure concerns with this portable air compressor. Inflating from 25 PSI to 36 PSI takes just one minute, reaching up to 120 PSI. Keep your tires in optimal condition for safe travels. The all-metal motor, with a rotation speed of up to 20,000 RPM, features a super-large cylinder (24mm diameter) and airflow reaching 38L/min.

🔦Bright LED & Easy to Use: Equipped with a super-bright LED offering two lighting modes (Bright & Flashing), this car air pump is suitable for roadside emergencies and nighttime use. The portable tire inflator is easy to operate—simply screw the air hose onto the pump and tire valve, select the inflation mode, and wait for the machine to stop automatically. It's that simple!


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