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🎸Flamma Pre-amp Digital Gutair Amp

🎸Flamma Pre-amp Digital Gutair Amp

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🎸 Unleash Sonic Versatility: Experience an array of classic and contemporary guitar tones with our pedal featuring 7 distinct preamp models. From Deluxe Blue to HVE 5151, explore a rich spectrum of sound possibilities.

🔗 Seamless Connectivity: Versatile connections await! Link it to a guitar amplifier power amp, connect directly to a power amplifier, or hook up to an audio interface, headphone amplifier, monitor speaker, or mixer. For comprehensive instructions, consult the detailed manual.

💾 Presets at Your Fingertips: Enjoy the convenience of 7 saveable presets, offering two channels for each preamp model. Tweak your parameters once, and effortlessly recall them for your next jam session.

🔊 Authentic Cabinet Simulation: Immerse yourself in the sound you desire with the built-in cabinet simulation. Connect directly to a mixer or PA system and let your music resonate with authenticity.

⚡ Power Up Your Performance: Note that the power supply is not included, so ensure a stable 9V DC power supply with at least 303mA for optimal performance. Insufficient current may lead to operational issues. Elevate your sonic journey – power up and play on!

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