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🎸Mini Portable Guitar Amp

🎸Mini Portable Guitar Amp

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🎸 Experience World-Class Amplifiers: Immerse yourself in a world of pristine tones with Clean, Overdrive, and Distortion Amp Models, each meticulously crafted based on renowned amplifiers. Enjoy full-range frequency response through the Cab Sim, whether through headphones or a line-out to your favorite system.

🎛️ Switchable MOD Module: Tailor your sound with the versatile MOD Module, offering Chorus, Tremolo, and Flanger effects. Meet different tone demands effortlessly and elevate your playing experience.

🌌 AMBIENT Module for Added Depth: Elevate your tones with the switchable AMBIENT Module, delivering Reverb and Delay effects. Infuse your playing with ambiance and create an immersive sonic experience.

🔊 Aux Input for Jamming: Collaborate with your favorite tracks by utilizing the Aux Input, seamlessly integrating your audio player for a dynamic jamming experience.

🔋 Onboard USB Charger: Unleash your creativity anytime, anywhere! The built-in USB charger ensures you have up to 5 hours of continuous play after a quick charge. Stay in the groove without worrying about power limitations.

🌟 Create and Store Your Favorites: With 10 preamp models, 10 guitar cabinet IRs (supporting third-party IR files), and adjustable effects, personalize your sound and save up to 10 self-edited presets on the 10 available channels.

🎶 Bluetooth Connectivity: Play tracks through your guitar headphones or speaker using the built-in Bluetooth receiver, making playbacks and practice sessions seamless. Bluetooth connectivity is kindly reminded not to pair with wearable headphoned and hard-wired headphones for optimal performance.

🤫 Headphone Output for Silent Practice: Perfect for silent playing, the headphone output allows you to jam late into the night without disturbing others. Explore your musical ideas without limitations.

🎙️ Recording & USB Rechargeable: Connect the guitar headphone amp directly to your computer or phone for recording. The USB rechargeable feature ensures a continuous playtime of 5 hours after a full charge, making it your go-to practice companion.

Unleash the potential of your guitar with our AMP Module - the perfect blend of innovation and performance! Elevate your playing experience today.
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