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🍵Simple Mess-Free Self Stirring Cup

🍵Simple Mess-Free Self Stirring Cup

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Put an End to Manual Stirring with the Self-Stirring Cup!

Wave goodbye to the days of laborious hand-stirring – the Self-Stirring Cup is here to make your life easier. This ingenious cup is equipped with an automatic mixer that effortlessly prepares a wide range of beverages and sauces. Just a press of a button sets the motorized blades into action, creating a mess-free and hassle-free experience.

✨ Automatic Magnetic Stirring Coffee Mug with Non-Slip Coaster:
This innovation is a true blessing for those who appreciate a touch of convenience in their daily routine. The secret lies in the built-in magnetic device at the cup's base. To enjoy your favorite powdered drinks like coffee, butter coffee, or coconut oil-infused beverages, simply pour your ingredients into the cup, press the switch, and watch the magic happen. After 30 seconds, the stirring automatically stops, allowing you to savor your drink.

🛡️ Safety and Reliability:
Our Self-Stirring Cup is meticulously crafted using top-quality materials: ABS for the cup body, 304 stainless steel for the inner tank, and PP for the cup cover and magnetic stirring core. The double-layer design ensures the exterior of the cup remains cool to the touch, even when pouring in boiling water. Additionally, the sturdy lid minimizes the risk of spills and mishaps.

🔌 Magnetic Absorption Charging:
Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly replacing batteries. Our Self-Stirring Mug is designed for your convenience and the environment. It features magnetic absorption charging, eliminating the need for disposable batteries. Simply bring the charging head close to the cup, and it will power up for you. Save money while being eco-friendly.

🌬️ Easy to Clean:
The magnetic stirrer at the cup's base is easily removable for swift cleaning. With a larger diameter for effortless access, cleaning becomes a breeze. The wide 90mm mouth of the cup allows for easy insertion when cleaning.

🌟 Wide Application:
The Self-Stirring Mug isn't limited to just coffee. It's perfect for various beverages, including hot chocolate, milk, protein shakes, and more. It's an ideal gift for your home, office, or travel, making it a fantastic choice for special occasions like Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving.

Experience the revolution in beverage preparation and add the Self-Stirring Cup to your life today. Simplify your daily rituals and elevate your enjoyment with every sip.


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